Manchester United Football Club vs Liverpool – What is the best English team ever?

There are two clubs vying for the accolade of being named the greatest English football club ever. They are Manchester United Football Club and Liverpool, each of which has had a stellar track record. The fans of each club have no doubt which one is the biggest and this leads to many clashes between these two groups. While the arguments are usually always verbal, it must be admitted that the two opposing sides can even clash with each other; that’s the amount of loyalty and passion offered by each team.

Man United vs Liverpool head to head

For starters, it’s interesting to note that both teams have great track records, each winning over 50 major football trophies over the years. There was a time when Liverpool was the pinnacle of English football. This was in the 1970s and 1980s, but the Merseyside’s club has now been eclipsed by the Manchester United Football Club for the past two decades. However, if you look at the big picture, it’s hard to say which club has been the best ever.

The Red Devils have been ahead of the Merseyside’s of late, thanks to stunning wins such as the 2010-11 Premier League season, which took their domestic wins to a record 34. Manchester United have kept the English flag high in Europe as well, being European champions 3 times. Liverpool, however, have a better score here, having won five times.

Manchester United the greatest rivalry in club football?

Where Liverpool lose out to Manchester United Football Club is that it just can’t control the kind of passion, complete with unique and boisterous football cheers and chants, that the latter team can. Liverpool are an immensely popular team, but they don’t have the kind of recognition that Man Utd have around the world. It has been said that Liverpool play like a well-oiled machine, while the Red Devils bring a lot of passion and spirit into the game, making it a much more exciting team to watch and follow. In fact, Manchester United have always been able to attract a lot of attention for the activities of its flamboyant players on and off the pitch, even during the period when Liverpool won more titles.

Liverpool seem unable to get out of the rut they find themselves in. If it continues like this, Manchester United Football Club will surely be the best team ever.

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