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Liverpool City

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Great Britain and the fifth largest in the world. Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese and African community in Europe. Liverpool ran and financed the first-ever Atlantic telecommunications cable in 1886. Liverpool is home to the Grand National, the most famous steeplechase in the world. The Liverpool Hotel and Hotel Liverpool a, as well as the Liverpool Anfield great places to stay and you will be within easy reach of Liverpool Restaurants and other attractions. 

European triumphs

European triumphs at the Stadium Olympic, Stad de Lutz, and most recently the West fallen station bear witness to what Liverpool Football Club is all about. The club witnessed two of the greatest tragedies in European football – at Heysel in 1985 and Hillsborough in 1989. Liverpool made their first impression on the European circuit in 1973 with a UEFA Cup triumph, winning another that season. national title. In recent years, the city has emphasized its cultural attractions and won the honor of the European City of Culture for 2008.

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